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Restaurant "Kneipe" ME 04

In the ‘Kneipe’ with its grand beer garden, guests are able to enjoy reasonably priced à la carte food and drink during the day and the evening. This is where the whole university likes to meet for a chat – from the students all the way through to the university rector. Our beer garden has become a popular summertime meeting point – and it also offers a great view over the Wupper valley. The interior of the Kneipe is decorated with a selection of works by artists and graphic designers that alternates every three months. Please ask if you are interested in buying something. 

The ‘Kneipe’ is located in the Studentenhaus on level 04 of the ME building (just follow the signs) 

Kneipe - Menu afternoon and evenings

Kneipe - after moderisation a beauty (327 KB)

Every Thursday at 8 pm there is an international get-together called Apéro in the Kneipe – a meeting point for international students, it´s open for everybody. Feel welcome.
Every Tuesday at 7 pm french speaking students and other people meet for a Table Ronde. If you like to speak french this is a good opportunity.

Every Wednesday at 20.00 o'clock the Spanish Stammtisch Tertulia takes place in the Kneipe, a meeting place for students and others who would like to have a Spanish conversation and to make new contacts.

Todos los miércoles a las 20.00 h se ofrece en el Kneipe la Stammtisch Tertulia Española, un lugar de intercambio para estudiantes y otras personas que quieran tener una conversación en español y para hacer nuevos amig@s.

Bergische Universität Mensa
Main Campus
Building ME, Level 04
Gaußstr. 20
42097 Wuppertal



Opening hours:

During semester and holidays:

Mo - Fr: 11.00 - 23.00 h