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Student Restaurant - College of Music

Student Restaurant - College of Music

A modern design and a friendly atmosphere – the refectory here is a great place to take a break. We offer Menu II and a vegetarian menu each day. We also offer specialty coffees, tea, refreshing cold drinks and a selection of sweets.

The refectory is also open outside the standard meal time, offering space to relax.

College of Music 
- Wuppertal Branch -
Sedanstr. 15
42275 Wuppertal
Tel. 0202 - 3715061

Map of campus

Opening hours:

During semester:

Mo - Th: 11.30 - 14.00 h
Fr: 11.30 - 13.45 h

Closed during semester holidays

Während der Semesterferien:
In diesem Jahr geht die Mensa der HfMT in Sommerpause und pausiert vom 15. Juli bis zum 04. Oktober 2024