1 dye
2 preserved
3 with antioxidants
4 with flavor enhancer
5 geschwefelt
6 blackened
7 waxed
8 phosphate
9 with sweeteners
10 contains phenylalanine
11 pork
16 containing cocoa glaze


a gluten-containing cereals
b crustaceans and crustacean products
c eggs and egg products
d Fish and fish products
e Peanuts and products thereof
f Soybeans and products thereof
g Nuts and nut products
h Celery and products
i Mustard and products thereof
j Sesame seeds and products
k Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
l Lupine
m mollusc
n milk and lactose

Please note – we only declare the additives and allergenes which are legally declarable. Our food can contain further traces of allergens.