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Looking for accommodation

Live for a fair price and very close to the university

Your time as a student isn’t all about lectures and seminars!

If you have decided to study in Wuppertal, you will also need an apartment or flat-share suitable for a student: Offers and tips on finding somewhere to live are provided here.

online application student residences 

Have you already found somewhere to live? Then please click here, where we have listed some useful tips and things worth knowing.

Good luck with your search!

The Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal (Wuppertal University Student Services Office)
Your partner in student life

Welcome at home (german; Download, PDF 1 MB) 

Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal
Department accommodations
Residence "Neue Burse"
Max-Horkheimer-Str. 10, Ground floor
42119 Wuppertal
Fon 0202 - 430 40 40
Fax 0202 - 430 40 490
e-Mail: wohnen(at)

The Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal owns 5 halls of residence which offer accommodation for a total of 1,013 students. The rooms in these halls are primarily intended for students studying at the university in Wuppertal.

If places are undersubscribed, persons studying elsewhere may be entitled to the accommodation. 

It is possible to rent an individual apartment or to live in a flat-share (a WG) with up to three others.  

Some of the rooms are disabled-friendly.

Useful information, images and plans of flats are provided on our halls of residence pages. If one of the halls of residence should correspond with your requirements, please fill in the online application form.

If you would like to look around for private accommodation, then please find some useful tips here. We wish you every success!

Online application student residences

The Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal offers apartments in the following halls of residence to students who have children.

Max-Horkheimer Straße 167/169
Im Ostersiepen 15
Cronenberger Straße 256

As long as places are available, students with children will first be offered accommodation in one of these halls of residence.
The halls of residence advisors will be pleased to provide you with further help.

Located a short distance from the BUW is the ‘Uni Zwerge’ children’s day care centre which is run by the ‘Krabbelgruppe e.V.’
Further information is also provided here:

The AStA (General Student’s Committee) of the Bergische Universität also offers advice: > Service > Krabbelgruppe

The ‘Neue Burse’, Max-Horkheimer-Straße 10-16 student residence offers disabled-friendly rooms. Accommodation is offered as a priority to students with disabilities.

The halls of residence advisors will be pleased to provide you with further help.

We could talk about anything and everything on this internet page, but luckily we are also in a position of being able to provide you with some uncensored impressions from some of the students who have stayed in our accommodation during their time in Wuppertal:

“Living in a student residence is really easy. Being near to the university and the city centre means everything is within easy reach. The residence itself has pleasant, bright rooms and well equipped kitchens. The connection with the university network means it is possible to access the full contents of the library website without having to go to the university campus. The hall is in a peaceful and verdant setting. The janitors are reliable and are always pleased to help out if you have a problem. The flats offered by the HSW Wuppertal are above all really good value for money.”

Frederik P.
Resident at Albert-Einstein-Straße

"For me, the best thing is living so close to the university. Two minutes to the refectory, four minutes to the library and six minutes to my department. It doesn’t get better than that!"

Dirk B.
Resident at Max-Horkheimer-Straße

"I’ve been living in the student residence in the Albert-Einstein-Straße for almost a year. I thought it was great here when I first moved in, and I still think it’s great now. The location is perfect, the university is just 5 minutes away, and I’m still getting to know new people all the time. Even the laundrette is a great place to meet people! The laundrette is well equipped, with washers and driers. The rooms are bright and easy to furnish. Before I moved in I was worried that some of the students would be loud and annoying. I haven’t had cause to complaint at all though - it’s really peaceful here."

Jessica S.
Resident at Albert-Einstein-Straße

Authorities / Bureaus

You are obliged to register at the central registry office of the city of Wuppertal within one week after moving into your appartement. 

Informations you find on (-> Rathaus & Behörden -> Meldewesen).

We also offer a wide range of information - mainly for foreign students.

All necessary authorities are listed  - download here

First steps - Erste Schritte (deutsch)
(50.3 KB)


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Everywhere  - at the university or in the residences
There are people - employed or students, who like to help you. 

Website University of Wuppertal - Bergische Universität 

Website ASTA - Student Union 

Website Student counseling 

Website International Office