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Halls of residence

Albert-Einstein-Str. 4-12

This architecturally outstanding complex is situated next to the sports facility of the University (Uni-Halle) – the university is a 5 min. walk away.  Details >

Cronenberger Str 256

You find 22 rooms in 2 or 3 room flats each room with an own bathroom and 16 single appartements with bathroom and kitchenette.   Details >

"Neue Burse" Max Horkheimer Str. 10-16

629 rooms in single and double appartements next to the university  Details >

Max Horkheimer Str. 167-169

This residence hall was 2007/08 completely modernised. You find 63 rooms in single, double and triple appartements very close to university.   Details >

Ostersiepen 9-11 / 
Max Horkheimer Str. 18

This very modern residence hall, built 2012, was awarded three architectural prizes of excellence. You find 84 furnished rooms in single and double appartements and 6-room-appartment, each with an individual bathroom.  Details >

Ostersiepen 15

This residence hall is next to Ostersiepen 9 - 11 and very close to university. You find 11 double appartements with around 40 m². Details >