Who we are and what we want to achieve

To make studying successful, students and universities and colleges require a competent and reliable partner. You will find such a partner in the Hochschul-Sozialwerk Wuppertal – the University of Wuppertal Student Services Office.

The purpose of our public organisation is to provide students with social, economic and cultural support. The Hochschul-Sozialwerk views itself as provider of services to the students and to the universities. Our key aspiration is to work in a customer-oriented, efficient, non-profit and environmentally conscious way.

The Hochschul-Sozialwerk has 170 employees and works in a professional and target-oriented way to provide the following key tasks:

In addition to this, the student’s union also operates at a cultural level, assisting foreign students, hosting conferences and providing catering services for social events and parties.

We attach importance to expertise, good service and the needs-oriented quality of our services. This applies to the comprehensive services we provide in the area of student finance, the fresh, varied, attractive ambience of our campus gastronomy service and the modern, user-friendly design and configuration of our student apartments.